Justine Reichman is a non-traditional photographic artist who uncovers a private, almost sacred view into the mind of her subjects. Hailing from a diverse artistic background, Justine strives to uncover a person’s unseen beauty, with the ultimate goal of connecting art and artist, canvas and viewer, in an experience that carries far beyond that of the canvas.

Justine Reichman is proud to announce the formation of the Global Arts for Humanity Project.

After Ms. Reichman’s initial collaboration with Phillip O'leary to support children in Cambodia, she found herself compelled to see who else she could partner with to support humanity through the arts.

Starting with Cambodia, she is now creating additional initiatives in Mexico and around the world to raise awareness and funds to support local organizations that provide education, food and shelter for children in need.

Ms. Reichman’s goal is to partner with artists from around the world to create unique works of art and donate a portion of the proceeds to charity. Her dream is that each piece of artwork sold will directly contribute towards feeding hungry children and help them to improve the quality of their lives through learning and education initiatives.


Please email for a private commission or for more information on renting or buying a piece of art.


Honorable Mention, Adelphi University


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Meghan Smith is passionate about telling stories: other people's stories.  Residing in Los Angeles, CA, Meghan, a veteran producer, is instrumental in powerhouse programming for networks including NBC, CBS, Bravo, A&E, TLC, Travel Channel, Discovery and National Geographic.  She is also a former member of the Alternative Programming & Development Division at Disney-ABC Television Group in New York.

Meghan's commitment to children and the arts is unwavering, stemming from her youth and nearly 20 years of extensive philanthropic and volunteer work.  "There's no question that people want to share their stories, to tell others what the world looks likes through their eyes." Meghan says. "Often words are the vehicle folks choose to do this, but some aren't comfortable with words, instead finding their voice in cameras, paints, movement, pencils or music.  Providing kids access to art-based programs is as critical as it is magical.  These programs allow kids to discover their voices, to share their stories." 









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