Global Arts for Humanity


Global Arts for Humanity is working to increase children's participation in the arts to lay the foundation for individual expression and provide additional avenues toward financial freedom.

Our original works can be seen at select art shows and are for sale.  To inquire about buying an original piece please email us directly at  Replica prints are available for sale on our website at




We undertook our first education initiative with Philip O'Leary and Global Children Cambodia. This is an organization that empowers youth from under-served communities and orphanages in Cambodia through education, the arts and character development. 

Sin Sreytey is a shining example of what can be accomplished when children are presented with direction and a little bit of hope. Sin grew up in a very poor single parent household with a mother who was unable to work due to a physical disability. With the assistance provided by the Global Children program, Sin managed to work her way through high school and is now continuing her education at an accredited university.

For more information on Global Children Cambodia and art created to support these children, please contact us at




Malnourishment is a growing problem around the world with approximately 55 million people currently living in poverty throughout Mexico.  13.6% of children under the age of five suffer from chronic malnutrition while at the same time; Mexico is the leading country in child obesity.

The Foundacion CMR has been battling hunger and malnutrition in Mexico for years. To date, the organization has been able to feed more than 10,000 children within 11 states ultimately reducing malnutrition by 34 percent.

Global Arts for Humanity is partnering with local artists and CMR to combat malnutrition among children in need.  Our goal is to support humanity through arts.

Our current series of art is a collaboration between Photographer Mia Vener and Painter/ Photographer Justine Reichman. Ms. Vener and Ms. Reichman share a dream that each piece of artwork will help feed hungry children and also help them improve their lives through learning and education initiatives.



While it is important to feed and sustain those who are malnourished, it’s critical to guide and support the institutions providing these services to help people become more self-sufficient through education and training. This will ensure sustainability and enable the organizations to expand their efforts to those areas in the world that most need it. We're starting here in Mexico by collaborating with CMR and will continue to expand our efforts throughout the world.