Local Artist Turning his Community Into a Masterpiece

Carlsbad artist Bryan Snyder is making great strides and bringing new meaning to the term, “Painting the Town.” Collaborating with local artists, Snyder and his friends have been ‘painting the town’ of Carlsbad and making it into a haven for those who are dedicated to broadening their artist horizons.

After spending three years attending art school in the Bay Area, Snyder came back to Carlsbad to share his craft and cultivate a community of artists in his hometown. Part of his effort to beautify the area is paint murals in different parts of town to provide more artistic exposure while motivating fellow artists to keep up the good work.

One of Snyder’s most famous projects is the ever rotating Art Wall in Carlsbad. This home-sized mural gets an entirely new work of art painted onto it about every two months. Local artists from Southern California have been teaming up to paint the ‘Art Wall” with Snyder for the better part of three years now.

Snyder says people actually come to the town of Carlsbad just so they can see the latest giant piece of artwork that everyone in town gets the chance to experience on a daily basis. This kind of street-inspired art plays a part in attracting professional working artists to the area to share their work and take part in local art initiatives.

Snyder also says that the hard work for the community is starting to pay off with area business and local government showing not interest, but providing some financial support as well. The Global Arts for Humanity project salutes Bryan Snyder and his perseverance for making Carlsbad a place where art really makes a difference.