Katie Abou-Ezzeddine Joins the Global Arts for Humanity Family

Justine Reichman and Global Arts for Humanity are thrilled to welcome Katie Abou-Ezzeddine into our family of art promoters who are also actively involved in protecting the environment. In light of recent political events, it’s a special pleasure to join forces with a person who is so passionate about art while also being committed to protecting the planet.

Katie is the commissioner of the Mill Valley Arts Commission just north of San Francisco where she promotes education, awareness, and highlights local artists within the community. 

Katie started showcasing various works from Global Arts for Humanity last fall and will host a small get together at her shop this coming Tuesday evening, June 6th, 2017 as part of the Mill Valley Art Walk.

She also organizes and oversees monthly art events throughout the area where she plans both shows and gallery appearances. One of her primary goals is to get children involved with the arts at a very young age to help develop an appreciation that will last a lifetime. She also supports Global Arts for Humanities in their quest to use art as a means for helping local communities build better lives for themselves starting with the children.

Katie uses her shop, Dolls & Dandy, as an art haven where local artists can showcase their work and hold small art festivals.



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