Using Art to Bring Hope to the World

Global Arts for Humanity is excited to welcome Danny Bach into our family community of artists who are committed to helping people carve out better lives for themselves and improve their living conditions.

Global Arts for Humanity continues to expand its networkin helping people from all walks of life acquire the tools they need to achieve their goals.

Danny joins forces with us as a freelance portrait/documentary photographer who is based in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

He is always in search of stories that help bring hope to the world. He uses his art to inspire people and motivate them to take action. Danny has a deep belief in preserving the culture of Southeast Asia and helping them maintain a lifestyle that is based upon tradition.

Danny has devoted much of his efforts towards a long-term photo documentary project that focuses on the impact of urbanization and tourism on minority groups in Sa Pa, Lao Cai and Vietnam.

Government plans for mass development and theme parks in these areas threaten to displace multiple minority groups who have no rights or standing in society. Danny hopes his art can give these people a voice and help the world recognize their plight before they disappear into the shadows of history.