Good Nutrition Off the Beaten Path

I was so blessed recently to accompany Fundación CMR and Nutre a Un Niño to a tiny village up past the hills of Mexico City called Botí. We needed a four wheel drive truck to access this hidden gem once we arrived in the town of Acambay.

The first family we met with was an alumni of the CMR nutrition program. They welcomed us into their home, provided with a wonderful meal and gave us an amazing tour their working farm and adorable animals.

The kids were shy at first, but warmed up very quickly and were playing and interacting with us in no time. They seem especially interested in our camera equipment and were fascinated with every picture we snapped of them. The more pictures we took, the more they were interested in striking poses for us.

We had to get on the road, because we had one more family to visit who was also working with the program. Their home is a work in progress and they use every peso they make on home improvements. Their house was so well kept and they family was proud to show us their stove and give us a tour of their working farm.

Not only is everyone fed and eating organic and healthy meals, they grow additional food to sell in Mexico City for income. It was a trip I will never forget and I will keep the memory of their warm hospitality in my heart forever.