Global Arts for Humanity rolls into the Dog Days of Summer


Global Arts for Humanity is still heating up this summer with exciting news on several fronts. Justine Reichman has been busy and on the hunt for new partners while featuring her art at local festivals and teaching classes in various locations across the Bay Area.


Justine will be on location next week on Tuesday, August 1stfeaturing new artwork from Global Arts for Humanity at the Dolls & Dandy Lounge in Mill Valley. This is a great opportunity to meet and mingle with the community while sharing Justine’s inspiration for her latest pieces.


One of the new partnership in the works for Global Arts for Humanity is with renowned pet photographer Charlie Nunn. Justine and Charlie Nunn Photography have been exploring the possibilities of a possible joint effort for future endeavors.


Justine will also be teaching a class in early September at the Makery in the Mill Valley where she will demonstrating her brand of art with up and coming artists from the local area.

If you are interested in a partnership, participating or even sponsoring and event with Global Arts for Humanity, we would love to hear from you.


Just reach out to us at



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Save the Date!

Join Justine Reichman Friday, September 8th from 6:30-8:30 for a night of fun and education where you can learn to combine color and photography to create your own unique piece of art. You will learn about the tools and creative methods to make your photo a truly unique piece of mixed media artwork. Justine will share examples of her own work to help inspire your own design. All artistic levels are welcome and you will love the individualized attention Justine provides. Come join us for an evening of creative fun as we treat you to delicious summer-time sips and nibbles!  For adults 21 and over.  For more information on how to sign up please visit



Local Artist Turning his Community Into a Masterpiece

Carlsbad artist Bryan Snyder is making great strides and bringing new meaning to the term, “Painting the Town.” Collaborating with local artists, Snyder and his friends have been ‘painting the town’ of Carlsbad and making it into a haven for those who are dedicated to broadening their artist horizons.

After spending three years attending art school in the Bay Area, Snyder came back to Carlsbad to share his craft and cultivate a community of artists in his hometown. Part of his effort to beautify the area is paint murals in different parts of town to provide more artistic exposure while motivating fellow artists to keep up the good work.

One of Snyder’s most famous projects is the ever rotating Art Wall in Carlsbad. This home-sized mural gets an entirely new work of art painted onto it about every two months. Local artists from Southern California have been teaming up to paint the ‘Art Wall” with Snyder for the better part of three years now.

Snyder says people actually come to the town of Carlsbad just so they can see the latest giant piece of artwork that everyone in town gets the chance to experience on a daily basis. This kind of street-inspired art plays a part in attracting professional working artists to the area to share their work and take part in local art initiatives.

Snyder also says that the hard work for the community is starting to pay off with area business and local government showing not interest, but providing some financial support as well. The Global Arts for Humanity project salutes Bryan Snyder and his perseverance for making Carlsbad a place where art really makes a difference.


Global Arts for Humanity Delights at the First Tuesday Artwalk

The Mill Valley Arts Commission features a tremendous program every summer called the First Tuesday Artwalk. On the First Tuesday of every month, art enthusiasts and interested people mingle and venture through the town to take in an exciting range of art featuring artists from the Bay Area.

The event has been a smashing success so far this year and Global Arts for Humanity is always thrilled to participate in this amazing community get together. This month, the Global Arts team has teamed up with the Dolls & Dandy Nail Lounge to showcase their latest projects.

The interest in our latest artwork has been off the charts as people have flocked in to see our innovative and creative works that benefit those who are less fortunate. Many people say they are instantly attracted by the vibrant colors that we are showcasing in our latest work.

Our latest mixed media is attracting new fans every day as people marvel at the contrast of adding vivid coloring to our newest photographs. A close friend of the Global Arts for Humanity family is guitarist Jamie Clark who serenaded visitors late into the warm spring night and brought the Mill Valley community just a little closer together.


Katie Abou-Ezzeddine Joins the Global Arts for Humanity Family

Justine Reichman and Global Arts for Humanity are thrilled to welcome Katie Abou-Ezzeddine into our family of art promoters who are also actively involved in protecting the environment. In light of recent political events, it’s a special pleasure to join forces with a person who is so passionate about art while also being committed to protecting the planet.

Katie is the commissioner of the Mill Valley Arts Commission just north of San Francisco where she promotes education, awareness, and highlights local artists within the community. 

Katie started showcasing various works from Global Arts for Humanity last fall and will host a small get together at her shop this coming Tuesday evening, June 6th, 2017 as part of the Mill Valley Art Walk.

She also organizes and oversees monthly art events throughout the area where she plans both shows and gallery appearances. One of her primary goals is to get children involved with the arts at a very young age to help develop an appreciation that will last a lifetime. She also supports Global Arts for Humanities in their quest to use art as a means for helping local communities build better lives for themselves starting with the children.

Katie uses her shop, Dolls & Dandy, as an art haven where local artists can showcase their work and hold small art festivals.



basket weave.JPG

Using Art to Bring Hope to the World

Global Arts for Humanity is excited to welcome Danny Bach into our family community of artists who are committed to helping people carve out better lives for themselves and improve their living conditions.

Global Arts for Humanity continues to expand its networkin helping people from all walks of life acquire the tools they need to achieve their goals.

Danny joins forces with us as a freelance portrait/documentary photographer who is based in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

He is always in search of stories that help bring hope to the world. He uses his art to inspire people and motivate them to take action. Danny has a deep belief in preserving the culture of Southeast Asia and helping them maintain a lifestyle that is based upon tradition.

Danny has devoted much of his efforts towards a long-term photo documentary project that focuses on the impact of urbanization and tourism on minority groups in Sa Pa, Lao Cai and Vietnam.

Government plans for mass development and theme parks in these areas threaten to displace multiple minority groups who have no rights or standing in society. Danny hopes his art can give these people a voice and help the world recognize their plight before they disappear into the shadows of history.


Good Nutrition Off the Beaten Path

I was so blessed recently to accompany Fundación CMR and Nutre a Un Niño to a tiny village up past the hills of Mexico City called Botí. We needed a four wheel drive truck to access this hidden gem once we arrived in the town of Acambay.

The first family we met with was an alumni of the CMR nutrition program. They welcomed us into their home, provided with a wonderful meal and gave us an amazing tour their working farm and adorable animals.

The kids were shy at first, but warmed up very quickly and were playing and interacting with us in no time. They seem especially interested in our camera equipment and were fascinated with every picture we snapped of them. The more pictures we took, the more they were interested in striking poses for us.

We had to get on the road, because we had one more family to visit who was also working with the program. Their home is a work in progress and they use every peso they make on home improvements. Their house was so well kept and they family was proud to show us their stove and give us a tour of their working farm.

Not only is everyone fed and eating organic and healthy meals, they grow additional food to sell in Mexico City for income. It was a trip I will never forget and I will keep the memory of their warm hospitality in my heart forever.



Amazing Day at the Conception Art Show in Los Angeles

Art lovers from near and far made the trip this week to the Conception Los Angeles Art Show. People from all walks of life came to the show and got a taste of a little bit of everything.

Many people said they found themselves drawn to the artists who contributed their works to the Global Arts for Humanities Project.

Curious attendees hadn’t encountered a non-traditional artist like Justine Reichman before. Her interpretation of colors added to new portraits were really turning heads during the entire event. Many people wanted to know how she chose her subjects and what were her color inspirations.

One of the most wonderful elements of a show like this is that people get to meet many of the artists who create the art and talk to them about what they were feeling when they brought each piece to life. This format also allows fellow artists to meet and share their thoughts and experiences.


New Partner News!

Cambodia’s Children: Empowered to Make a Difference

Global Children of Cambodia understands that children are the key to building a brighter future for the entire country. The GCC seeks out the most promising and self-motivated students from all over the country to offer them a rich and rewarding education at one of the colleges in the capital city of Phnom Penh.

These select students are offered the chance to pursue a college degree in a wide variety of subjects including engineering, nursing and finance. Through training and education, these students are empowered to leave poverty behind, broaden their horizons and share their gift with others.

The driving force behind the program is to cultivate the next generation of thought leaders to lead the country in the years to come. Many of the Global Children graduates are already giving back not only to society, but are also volunteering their time to give back to the program.

This commitment to building a better society and helping children is what first attracted the attention of the Global Art for Humanity Initiative. Working together, these groups will raise awareness for each program in an effort to help under privileged children break out of poverty and realize their full potential as leaders of society.

Introducing Global Arts for Humanity latest partnership with Mia Vener

Mia Vener is an artist who photographs people and gathers her inspiration from the stories they share with her.

Born and raised in Mexico City, Ms. Vener has an unmatched passion for travel, culture and the arts.

Ms. Vener uses her art to display all of the emotions that bring people to a particular moment in life. Much of her art involves understanding what people are passionate about and using that understanding to capture that “moment” in her work.

Mia has attended multiple international workshops with many of the top photographers that inspire her. She recently started working on a photography series about “Occupations in Mexico” which will be an artistic collaboration with Justine Reichman.




Justine Reichman is proud to announce the formation of the Global Arts for Humanity Project.

After Ms. Reichman’s initial collaboration with Phillip O'leary to support children in Cambodia, she found herself compelled to see who else she could partner with to support humanity through the arts.

Starting with Cambodia, she is now creating additional initiatives in Mexico and around the world to raise awareness and funds to support local organizations that provide education, food and shelter for children in need.

Ms. Reichman’s goal is to partner with artists from around the world to create unique works of art and donate a portion of the proceeds to charity. Her dream is that each piece of artwork sold will directly contribute towards feeding hungry children and help them improve the quality of their lives through learning and education initiatives.

Currently you can see the series of work from Cambodia in :




The East meets West Series featuring work from Cambodia to Mexico will be at:

the Conception Contemporary Art show in LA, CA on April 27 from 5-10 PM. 






New Initiatives


Recently Justine has partnered with Photographer Phillip O'Leary.  

For Phillip and Justine photography and art have always been an extension of how they view the world.  Together they make inspirational and thought provoking art.

For the last few years a large part of Phillip's focus has been working with a charity called Global Children Cambodia.

Today, Justine & Phillip are collaborating to raise money, awareness and to inspire change for a developing country that is still recovering from the brutality of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge regime.

Additionally, they hope to convey the beauty of Cambodia and it's people.